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Geranium 'Espresso'

Light pink flowers over bold burgundy-cocoa leaves. Lavender pink flowers all summer. Easy to grow. Extremely hardy.
Item: GerEs

Closed for 2012.


A NorthCreek nursery selection from the woods of Landenberg. Pale lavender-pink flowers over very attractive red-brown foliage. A bold new look for this native long-lived cranesbill. Useful as a groundcover or shade garden centerpiece. G. maculatum is found in open woods, clearings, woods edges, and roadsides throughout the Eastern US. Larger and darker foliage than the similar 'Elizabeth Ann'. Keeps color all season. Resists heat, deer, bunnies, humidity and occasional dry soil. Re-blooms all season if dead flowers are removed.


Needs little attention. Fertilizer is usually unnecessary. Spreads slowly by underground rhizomes (about 6 inches per year).


Plant Size:
You are purchasing Geranium 'Espresso' as a commercial growers plug. Although smaller than the typical mail-order plant pots, the plants are often healthier and better-rooted. We have had great success planting these directly into our gardens. Within a month or two plants are indistiguishable from those that were transplanted at a larger size. The smaller pot size allows us to offer these designer plants at significantly discounted prices and low shipping rates. Plants will appear similar to the illustration.

We typically ship on Mondays (during the spring it sometimes takes a couple of days or more to get out all of our orders). Please notify us if your weather is approaching freezing or if it will be above 85 degrees. We do not recommend shipping or planting Geranium 'Espresso' in these conditions.

We guarentee that your Geranium 'Espresso' will arrive healthy and thrive in your garden. Please contact us immediately if your Geranium 'Espresso' arrives damaged in shipping or if your plant fails to thrive within 90 days. We will gladly issue a full refund or send a replacement. To file a claim, please visit our Contact Us page and fill out the "Order Problem" form.

Not Available


Family: Geraniaceae
Scientific: Geranium maculatum 'Espresso'
Common Names: Wild Geranium, Cranesbill,Spotted Cranesbill, Wild
Soil: Well drained soil with moderate amount of organic material. Does not like overly acidic soils.
Size: One-Two Inch Grower's Plug
USDA Zone: 3-9
Width: 12
Height: 12
Water Requirements: Average to somewhat moist.
Sun Requirements: Full sun to bright shade! Grows faster and more vigorous with more sun. Noticeable reduction of flowers in the shade.


Native Habitat: Throughout eastern North America. From Southern On
Patent Number: Not Patented
Parentage: Original specimen collected from the wild. First marketed by North Creek nurseries.
Description modified from NorthCreek nurseries.
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