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Echinacea 'Summer Sky'

First ever bi-color echinacea that features orange and rose petals.
Item: EchSuSk

Closed for 2012.


An amazing new color introduction for a Cone Flower. Light orange at the outer edges shifting to deep rose closer to the center. This fragrant and prolific bloomer is quickly becoming one of the big hits among gardeners. Sure to be a classic.


Echinacea does best in full sun with rich well-drained soil and is generally easy-to grow. Does not like soggy soils. Once established, they are quite drought-resistant, but will still perform their best when watered regularly.

When plant is received, open package and water immediately. When weather is suitable, plant the same day in a hole amended with organic material. It is important to align soil levels. Do not plant too deep or with the potting medium above the surrounding dirt. If mulched, keep mulch at least 3" from the base of the plant. Wet mulch against the crown of any perennial can lead to rot. Provide shade for the first few weeks if temperatures are to exceed 80F. Protect from freezing weather until established. Protect from deer and rhodents. Remove any early buds or blossoms until the plant has doubled in size.

Once established Echinacea should bloom from June to October. Spent blossoms should be removed to keep plant tidy and to encourage additional flowers. Will survive winters best (Zones 4 & 5) if dead foliage is not removed until early spring. Plants should be divided every 4-5 years to maintain vigor.


Plant Size:
You are purchasing Echinacea 'Summer Sky' as a commercial growers plug. Although smaller than the typical mail-order plant pots, the plants are often healthier and better-rooted. We have had great success planting these directly into our gardens. Within a month or two plants are indistiguishable from those that were transplanted at a larger size. The smaller pot size allows us to offer these designer plants at significantly discounted prices and low shipping rates. Plants will appear similar to the illustration.

We typically ship on Mondays (during the spring it sometimes takes a couple of days or more to get out all of our orders). Please notify us if your weather is approaching freezing or if it will be above 85 degrees. We do not recommend shipping or planting Echinacea 'Summer Sky' in these conditions.

We guarentee that your Echinacea 'Summer Sky' will arrive healthy and thrive in your garden. Please contact us immediately if your Echinacea 'Summer Sky' arrives damaged in shipping or if your plant fails to thrive within 90 days. We will gladly issue a full refund or send a replacement. To file a claim, please visit our Contact Us page and fill out the "Order Problem" form.

Not Available


Family: Asteraceae
Scientific: Echinacea 'Summer Sky'
Common Names: Cone Flower
Size: One-Two Inch Grower's Plug
USDA Zone: 3-8
Height: 24-30
Water Requirements: Average
Sun Requirements: Full Sun


Native Habitat: Eastern and Central North America
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